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I Spy Pecan Pie

I Spy Pecan Pie - Anna Birmingham *** 3.5 Stars ***

There was a smexy cowboy, a smexier grease monkey, and baking as foreplay, y'all!

This story was totally adorable and 100% up my alley. Given the length of the story, I was impressed by the fact that both MCs popped off the pages full of cuteness and insecurities and lust. It also had a nice arc to it; no unnecessary conflict or angst, just the typical bumps in the road that come with those early, awkward days when you're first getting to know someone. 'Twas a lovely story. Plus... Soap bubbles. I want to come back as Justin's soap bubbles in another life. ;)

As always, my thanks to the author for participating in the Love's Landscapes event (even when it was *slightly* against your will!) and for all of the behind-the-scenes work that editors, beta readers, and the MM Group Mods put into making this FREE event a massive success! What a great way to find new-to-me authors like Birmingham.