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Keep Swimming - Kade Boehme *** 3.5 Stars ***

Hmmm... Do you think if I cut and paste Valerie *M/M Romance Junkie's review, she'd notice?! Because that's exactly how I felt as well! Exactly.

Well, okay, maybe it worked for me a little more than it worked for her, but overall I just wasn't as impressed with this as I was with some of Boehme's previous books (I heart [b:Trouble & the Wallflower|20645398|Trouble & the Wallflower|Kade Boehme|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1390889994s/20645398.jpg|39938078] hard, for the record).

For me, this was a "more (or less, as the case might be) than a sum of its parts"-type book. I thought that the basic plot of the book was really fresh and compelling. I liked both of the main characters and thought that Boehme had done a good job of making them three-dimensional and relatable to his readers. The characters had some pretty damn sexy times together between the sheets (and on office desks and against walls...). And though I would have liked to see just a little more direct interaction between both MCs and Gus, the kid was as adorable as all get-out. The book also had a hard won HEA, which I appreciated.

But for all of the things Keep Swimming had going for it, I just didn't connect to its characters as deeply as I did to the ones in Trouble & the Wallflower or Wood, Screws, & Nails.

I'm struggling to put my finger on exactly why this is so, and I think it might have been a combination of dialogue and plot points. I mean, I know it's more realistic to give the characters a messy back and forth relationship where time after time they screw up, say and do the wrong things, and have to fix it. But sometimes I felt like their more realistic bumbling took all of the moments that should have been super duper romantic and took the shine off of them. It was like getting to the part at the movie where the characters lean in to one another to bear their hearts and share a kiss and the music swells in the background. Only, instead of playing something romantic, it was polka music or a tin can band. When this happened, I felt a little cheated. I wanted/needed just ONE movie-perfect moment there at the end to feed my mushy marshmallow of a heart.

So not a bad or poorly written book by any stretch of the imagination, and I know that it will be loved by many readers, but it's just not my favourite by Boehme.


Really, it's his own damn fault for setting the bar so high with his previous books. ;)