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Stolen - Jordan Silver Well, hell. That was all kinds of fucked up.

I know that sounds judge-y, and I'm honestly trying not to be (I know that we all have our kinks), but... I kinda wish that I could un-read this one.

Stolen is straight up porn. No plot. Just porn. And the story essentially reads as a laundry list of some of the most taboo kinks out there. For example:

- kidnapping and isolation
- non-consent/dubious consent
- Stockholm Syndrome
- daddy/little girl nicknames
- rough sex (hair pulling, etc.)
- breath play
- bondage
- punishment and discipline (whipping, etc.)
- pregnancy fetish, etc.

All of these kinks are combined with an almost inhumane amount of sex. I kid you not. From the moment she is introduced to readers, Simone is reduced to a collection of willing (we are led to believe, anyway) body parts for Roderick to fuck as long and as hard and as often as he likes. Which sorta makes Simone a living sex doll, no?!

And don't even get me started on Roderick's massive trouser snake! Ten inches and practically as wide as a beer can?! OUCH!

No thank you.

I know I said that I wish I could unread this one; so what's up with the 2-star rating, you ask?

Well, between the Stockholm Syndrome, and the nicknames, the lack of a plot, and the complete absence of any affection between the two main characters that didn't totally creep me out, Stolen just wasn't for me. Normally, that'd mean a 1-star rating. However, objectively I realize that the writing and editing weren't that bad, and some readers might actually enjoy these particular kinks enough to find this story hot. So looking at it that way, Stolen gets a 2-star rating from me.