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I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and a romance junkie since the twelfth grade. These days I read M/M romance novels almost exclusively. I can't help it - I love boys who love other boys! If you don't believe in equality or that all love is beautiful, we probably won't have a lot to talk about. But, if you do, feel free to make a friend request, comment on a review, or recommend your favourite guilty pleasure. I'd love to hear from you!

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The Naughty Boy

The Naughty Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock At just 45 pages, Naughty Boy is a super quick read that packs a pretty satisfying emotional punch.

The story provided a second dose of everything I loved about Brin's saucy, unfiltered, sometimes bitchy character from the first book. Thankfully though, it also showed some significant growth; as the story progressed, layers of Brin's character were peeled back, revealing a tender and loyal heart, the man's charming inability to keep a secret (any secret!), and a surprisingly vulnerable core. I found the fact that Brin wanted to be taken more seriously and be a better friend to Lane ├╝ber endearing.

I also LOVED reconnecting with Ferg! I really think that he was an underrated secondary character in the first book. There's just something so calm and steady and logical about him that appeals to me. He sends every one of my lusty I-need-an-alpha-and-I-need-him-now hormones into overdrive.

But as much as I loved both main characters, the story's only sex scene was a little like trying to light fireworks during a torrential downpour - more fizzle and smoke than heat and flash. Yes, I know the purpose of the story was to enrich Brin's character and focus on the depth of caring between the two MCs, and NOT explicitly to blow my socks off and have me panting for more, but after The Good Boy pushed all my humina-humina buttons, I was a little let down.

That said, if you read The Good Boy and found yourself craving a little more insight into Ferg and Brin's relationship - or maybe you just wanted an extra dose of Brin's Olympic-caliber brattiness - this short story is for you.