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After the Storm

After the Storm - Maya Banks *** 2.5 Star Rating ***

After waiting seven books for Van's story, I can't lie, I was very disappointed in Maya Bank's After the Storm (KGI #8).

I hated the instalove with the intensity of a thousand suns, thought the dialogue was truly cringe-worthy in places, found the constant POV changes at the beginning of the novel dizzying (not to mention misleading - for the entire first chapter this felt like Rusty & Sean's story!), didn't feel like the two MCs had any chemistry together, and found Eve surprisingly two-dimensional and uninteresting.

The action of the novel's climax and its resolution redeemed it some, and I did enjoy the family dynamics between Travis, Cammie, and Eve, but this was definitely a flawed book. Thankfully, I love the Kelly family and the rag-tag bunch of alpha males and females that make up Kelly Group International. I'm already looking forward to book 9 (Swanny's story), and sincerely hope that Maya Banks can use it to redeem the series.

We shall see, I guess -- When Day Breaks is due for release in June 2014.