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Frat Boy and Toppy

Frat Boy and Toppy  - Anne Tenino *** 3.5 Stars ***

I really enjoyed this one! It had cute parts and sexy parts and parts that literally made me laugh out loud -- all the right ingredients for a great story.

Brad Feller (a.k.a. Frat Boy) was your typical jock. Oh wait! No, he wasn't! The boy may have played football and belonged to a traditional Greek fraternity, but he was a giant bundle of hidden passions, hidden desires, layers of vulnerability, and a pretty sweet heart. Definitely not a walking stereotype.

Sebastian (a.k.a. Toppy) was his slightly older history TA. And you know what they say about history TAs... You don't? Oh, well this is about to get awkward.

*clears throat*

They like big BOOKS and they can not lie!
You other majors can't deny
that when a jock walks in with an itty bitty waist,
and a thick book in your face,
you get sprung!
Wanna pull up tough
'cuz you notice that book was stuffed
deep in the bag he's carryin'
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring.
Oh, baby! I wanna get with ya,
and take your picture.
My homeboys tried to warn me,
but that book you got
makes me so horny!

*Grins. Like. An. Idiot.*

Seriously, though, Seb was great. That penance scene was SCORCHING hot, drunk Seb is hi-larious, and sad Seb was endearing.

Still, Anne Tenino's Frat Boy and Toppy wasn't a total touch down in my opinion.

I'm having difficulty pinpointing exactly what aspect (or aspects) of the book kept it from receiving a glowing 4 or 5-star rating, however. Maybe it was that some of the characters felt extraneous to me (caricatures rather than characters). Or, maybe it was that of some scenes that started out with such potential ultimately finished in such a way that left them feeling just slightly underdeveloped. Perhaps it was that not all the issues that the author initiated and built towards got dealt with to my satisfaction. Or, maybe it was because although I LIKED both of the main characters, I didn't LOVE either of them (and this left me feeling a little removed from their emotions).

Who knows what tickles my fancy from one day to the next?! Not I, and I am me (if you get me).

When I finished this book I:

- sorta wished that I had been born a gay male jock in the United States;
- wanted to sanitize every hairbrush I've ever touched;
- wondered where I could find someone to make me blueberry pancakes;
- and thought nostalgic dirty thoughts about my 3rd year African American History TA (thanks for that quick little trip down memory lane, Ms. Tenino!) ;)

Verdict: Already queuing up the next book in this series and hoping it's just as good or better than this one.