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Running Hot

Running Hot - Stephani Hecht Stephani Hecht’s EMS-themed novella Running Hot is… well… scorching hot.

Shy paramedic James Wilson has been crushing on the sexy Dr. Calvin Dane since the instant their eyes first met across the crowded emergency room at St. Michael’s Hospital. James wants to get to know Calvin better, but the good doctor’s coolly professional manner has James afraid that the feelings he’s experiencing aren’t mutual. Little does he realize that Calvin’s been eyeing him for months like Ben & Jerry’s just announced they were going to stop making ice cream and James was the last pint on the shelf. Yuummmmmm! Thankfully, Dr. Feelgood’s a little bolder than our sweet paramedic and a steamy encounter in the back of an ambulance leads to night neither of the men will ever forget.

I thought this story was sweet, sexy, and surprisingly funny – basically everything you could ever want in a novella!

Both of the main characters were great; James was sweet, caring, brave, and a just little insecure. I found his seeming unawareness of his hotness incredibly sexy, and his tendency to ramble when nervous beyond adorkable. Really, what’s not to love about a buff nerd whose life’s ambition is to take care of other people?! Nothing. That’s what.

As for Calvin?! The man made me swoon. Hard. I loved how aggressive and honest he was. It may have taken him a couple of months to work his way up to making a move on James, but once he did… LOOK OUT! He went from zero to “Oops! Is that my hand on your cock?!” in about 3.5 seconds (and made me a happy, happy girl in the process). But the best part of his character – for me – was his willingness to lay his heart on the line for James:

“I’m going to make sure that you’re so satisfied and cared for that you’re going to be too happy to worry. Maybe if I do that long enough, you’ll realize there is no way I can ever give you up. Not after I’ve known how right it is to be with you.”

Are you friggin’ kidding me?! Why is it that only fictional men talk like this? If a guy said something like that to me, my panties would be on his bedroom floor so fast your head would spin!

And just when I thought this novella was going to be a sweet little romp that progressed nicely from groping, to a rockin’ one night stand, to full-blown relationship status and a HEA, Hecht threw me a curve ball with the action. I actually got goose bumps! For real. It was short, but oh-so-satisfying.

Verdict: This sexy little novella left me jumping up and down screaming, “I want to play doctor!” ;)