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Try - Ella Frank *** 4.5 Stars ***

Ella Frank’s latest novel, Try, starts with a bang. Literally. When we’re first introduced to Logan Mitchell, every drop dead gorgeous inch of him is plastered against - or inside of - a leggy blond in an airplane bathroom. He’s giving it to her quick n’ dirty, and the sex is so damn hot it’ll leave you wishing you were still allowed to smoke in-flight.

And that was only the beginning!

Sexy and charismatic, Logan Mitchell has lived his whole life according to one simple word: Try. Try, what? Try everything. And if it feels good, try it again, and again, and again. Nothing and no one is taboo. So when Logan walks into his favourite bar after work one day and spots the new bartender for the first time, he knows there’s nothing he won’t try to get Tate Morrison in his bed.

Six feet of leanly muscled sex appeal, Tate is in the middle of a nasty divorce. Though he’s never been attracted to a man before, he can’t help but slip the sexy lawyer a second glance along with his first gin and tonic. And, when Logan’s light flirting turns into an all out sensual assault, Tate finds himself helpless to resist the man’s sexual pull. What happens next will challenge Tate to reexamine everything he ever thought he knew about himself and his desires.

I swear, I used to be more eloquent, but after reading Try, all I seem capable of doing is panting uncontrollably. I’m fairly certain this is what happens when my brain takes a vacation and leaves all my hormones in charge (and those shameless little sluts just want to phone a friend for a late-night booty call).

Seriously... This book pushed every last one of my buttons and it was AH-MAY-ZING!

First of all, I LOVED these two characters. How could you not?! Logan’s hilarious. He’s honest. He’s confident. And he’s not afraid to pursue Tate with a single-minded determination that few people possess. It’s all so arrogantly sexy and – dare I say it? – primal. I pretty much turned into a giant puddle of lust at the words “balls deep,” and hung on his every word for the rest of the book. I may have even fantasized about throwing him up against a wall and having my wicked way with him once or twice. That’s not weird, right?!

And if Logan’s the sex, then Tate is the story’s heart. I found it fascinating to watch this strong, confident guy struggle to acknowledge and accept his attraction to Logan, and reconcile who was in the past with the man he was becoming. Tate’s willingness to accept a revelation of that magnitude about himself was both gutsy and incredibly attractive. The guy is made of stern stuff. Stern, sexy stuff.

Speaking of sexy… Everything about this book was SO FREAKIN’ HOT! The chemistry between Tate and Logan was practically combustible, and their sexy times were hands down some of the sexiest times I have ever read about. Did I mention that both men were really, REALLY good at the dirty talk?! By the end of the first chapter, all my naughty bits were standing up to sing. By the end of the next one, they were dancing. In fact, I’m pretty sure they were doing the Can-Can for 90% of this book. TMI?! Too freakin’ bad!

Verdict: Try was fabulous! Since the next book in this series, Take, isn’t slated to be released until 2014, I’m going to skip over to Amazon right now and exercise my “Buy now with 1-Click” finger all over Ms. Frank’s back catalogue of m/f romances. If they’re even a fraction as good as Try, I know I won’t be disappointed!