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Knight's Mistress - C.C. Gibbs This book had me channeling Michael Sembello and singing, She’s a maniac, maaaaaaniac on the floor!” for several hours after I finished reading it. And of course, by “maniac”, I meant nymphomaniac. And by “floor” I meant the floor, the bed, in cars, on stairs, against walls and windows… Well, you get the picture.

When I read the blurb for this book, every raging hormone in my body was like BRING. IT. ON. The novel’s premise – which includes a super rich, super kinky, sex god hiring a wide-eyed, sexually inexperienced woman – doesn’t even pretend to do anything other than capitalize on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. But, since I have a soft spot for handsome, domineering billionaires (who doesn’t?!), I have to admit that I didn’t really give a rat’s ass that it was a rip-off set in more exotic locales.

In the end, though, I was left with pretty mixed feelings about the book. Here’s a few of the reasons why:

A recent graduate of MIT, Katherine Hart is first presented to readers as an intelligent, competent, assertive woman. Her skills as a forensic accountant are sought after by at least a half dozen international corporations in addition to Knight Enterprises, so you know she’s damn good at her job. So far, so good (I love reading about strong female characters)!

But Gibbs forgot to temper Kate’s assertiveness with a dash of sweetness and a true desire to submit to Dominic. Because of this, her character edges over into petulant and downright bitchy behaviour pretty quickly, and she spends a lot of the book whining about Dominic’s previous partners, his kinks, and his domineering attitude (among other issues, both real and imagined). This shit drives me NUTS! It’s not as if Kate went into her relationship with Dominic completely niave; she watched his ménage-filled sex tape, for Christ’s sake! I was further irritated by the fact that after the first few pages in which Kate exhibits some truly impressive professional acumen Gibbs essentially turns her into a living, breathing sex doll (so much for women’s lib and cracking the glass ceiling).

Dominic Knight – whose very name screams sex – is your typical arrogant, domineering, hedonistic billionaire. He lacks all sense of personal boundaries and thrives on challenges. Seeing Kate as his newest challenge, Dominic plans to take what he wants, when he wants, and damn the consequences. Usually I’d find these traits incredibly sexy – like a velvet steamroller – but there was just something about him that crossed the line from sexy jerk to outright douche bag. I’m having a hard time determining if it was his cracks about what Kate should eat (or, rather, not eat) for breakfast, the way he confiscated her birth control pills like she was an empty-headed child incapable of taking care of her own body, or the pervy satisfaction he got from putting her in nursing bras when she wasn’t even pregnant, that pushed me over the edge.

Despite not liking either of the characters that much, I can’t deny that the sex was HOT, HOT, HOT! Like, they-don’t-make-a-scale-big-enough-to-measure-how-hot-this-sex-was hot. And there was so friggin’ much of it! Every time you turned around, the two of them were going at it like bunnies. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Dominic and Kate had so much freakin’ sex in a 24-hour period that there’s no WAY a normal human being would have survived. This leads me to the totally reasonable conclusion that Kate is actually a sexbot.

Hmmm… so I’ve covered the premise, the characters, and the sex. What else should I rant about?!

Ooooh! All He Wants/Knight’s Mistress had some truly bad dialogue. Case in point:

He rolled over her and settled between her legs in one smooth motion. “You’re lucky I like you,” he said with a grin.
“Do you really?”
He hesitated a fraction of a second. But her eyes were huge with entreaty. He knew what she wanted to hear. “Yes, really,” he whispered. He might have even meant it.


“So has something changed between us?” A question only a woman would ask.
“It must have.” An answer only a man would give.
A therapist might know what had changed and why, but he didn’t. He just knew he didn’t want this to stop.

Ugh. The fromage-factor is just too high to forgive! And if that wasn’t bad enough, on more than one occasion Dominic talked about his dick using the royal “we.” Gag.

One last thing: I’m all for the kink. I looooove the kink. I revel in the damn kink! But I also respect it. I’m not entirely sure that the same can be said for Gibbs. I was pretty disturbed to note that the characters in this book ignored some of the principles of BDSM’s “safe, sane, consensual” edict. The couple established “no” as Kate’s safe word (morons!), and when Dominic ignored it, he blamed Kate for not saying it loud enough to hear during his orgasmic bliss. Pretty sure I would have castrated the jerkwad after that one. But not Kate. No, she turned around and had even MORE sex with him!

Verdict: This one didn’t hit many of the right notes for me, but I can easily see it appealing to other readers (especially those who dream of Christian Grey and red rooms of pain).