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Make Me, Sir - Cherise Sinclair The fifth book in Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of the Shadowlands series, Make Me, Sir is a book so scorching hot that you should probably make sure that you’ve got the fire department on speed dial before attempting to read it. Safety first, right?! ;)

In Make Me, Sir, readers are thrust into the dark world of human trafficking. For years, a ring of violent human traffickers have preyed on submissives from BDSM clubs around the United States undetected. In each city, the traffickers select four victims, each from a different club. They stalk them, abduct them, rape them, and eventually sell them to the highest bidder. These women are never heard from again. That is, until one escapes. As she lies dying in the middle of the street in Atlanta, her final words give the FBI their first solid lead in years – Tampa’s next.

Make Me, Sir represents a pretty significant departure from the first four books in the Masters of the Shadowlands series. The early books in the series were light, fluffy, sexy stories that focused primarily on the characters and their sexual and emotional lives inside of the Shadowlands BDSM club. When readers were given glimpses into the character’s lives outside of the club, the action still tended to focus on their naughty sexual escapades and overcoming personal demons rather than on larger plot developments. Now, I’m all for having lots and LOTS of sizzle in my erotica (duh!), but I also like a little plot with my porn. So when I read the blurb for Make Me, Sir and realized that Sinclair was beginning to delve into the romantic/erotic suspense genre, I was super excited. And let me tell you, she did NOT disappoint! The plot had plenty of true suspense and the abduction scenes - told from the trafficker’s perspective - gave me goose bumps.

As good as the human trafficking/mystery aspects of this book were, it was the two main characters that made Make Me, Sir a favourite of mine. The story’s heroine is Gabrielle (Gabi) Renard, a social worker and victim specialist with the FBI’s Miami branch. When Gabi discovers that her best friend, Kim, was one of the four women kidnapped in Atlanta, she marches into the FBI’s Tampa office and offers to act as a decoy in one of the Bureau’s undercover operations. Given her difficult pass and limited experience with the lifestyle, Gabi knows that becoming the Shadowlands’ newest submissive trainee isn’t going to be easy. But with Kim’s life at stake, what other choice is there?!

I’ve just got to put this out there: I FRIGGIN’ LOVED GABI! She was my idea of the perfect female character – flawed, vulnerable, sweet, loyal, smart, sexy, self-sufficient, resourceful and courageous. And by courageous, I don’t mean your average, run of the mill level courage. No, I mean, set of brass ovaries level courageous! Prime example: not only did Gabi tangle with a pair of truly vile human traffickers and come out on top, but the feisty vixen also BIT Master Sam during a public punishment! I mean… Who bites a sadist?! Seriously, if that doesn’t scream “I’m a total badass,” I don’t know what does.

But what Dom can match and master this woman?!

Well, with Cullen retired as the Shadowlands trainer, it’s the charming Southern lawyer, Marcus Atherton, who suddenly finds himself in charge of the brattiest submissive the club’s ever seen. And there’s nothing Marcus despises more than an attention-seeking bratty sub. Too bad the FBI has forbidden Master Z and Gabi from revealing to anyone at the club that her insolent behavior is all part of an elaborate ruse to goad the kidnappers into targeting her rather than the other submissives…

Holy sweet Georgia peaches I love me a southern gentleman! Especially when that southern gentleman wants to collar a girl, tie her down, spank her silly and then call her “sugar” with that sexy little drawl! And when he gets all possessive and growl-y and wants to do bodily harm to every other guy who even looks at his woman?! Well, that shit turns me into a giant puddle of lust. I’m not the fickle type, but I think Master Marcus may have just unseated Cullen as my favourite Shadowlands Dom.

The chemistry between Gabi and Master Marcus was BEYOND amazing and Sinclair is getting more and more creative with her sex scenes. I mean… women as furniture?! Puppy play?! I’m sure that I should find both those things incredibly demeaning, but somehow Sinclair managed to make it HOT. And I looooove the games in the Capture Garden. I mean, MY GOD, molten lava doesn’t get hotter than that!

Also, if I’ve never said it in a review before, THANK YOU Ms. Sinclair for creating female characters that look like real women. Most authors seem to forget that women come in all shapes and sizes; their heroines are always slim, either petite or statuesque (but never in between), and have flawless skin and perfect hair (even after sex! How is that possible?!). There’s never a round booty, a flabby arm, or a dimple of cellulite in sight. We all know it’s not realistic, but it can still make readers feel inadequate – as if anyone who doesn’t look like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue is inferior in some way. But that’s horseshit.

Thankfully, Sinclair knows it’s horseshit too. The vast majority of her female characters are decidedly average women; they have cellulite, and scars, and facial features more likely to be described as “odd” or “strong” than “beautiful” or “flawless.” Personally, I think they’re all the more gorgeous for it and it warms my heart to see that the uber sexy Masters of the Shadowlands agree. In fact, the fact that the Masters aren’t shy about the fact that they like a little more junk in the trunk, or a woman with hips wide enough to get a good grip on during sex...? Total panty dropper.

Verdict: Another fabulously crafted sensual tale by Ms. Sinclair. She managed to reach inside my mind, find the deepest, darkest, smuttiest corners, and then shed light on them in the most delicious ways. The Masters of the Shadowlands series is fabulous, as a whole, but this one takes things to a whole new level of awesome.